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Incoming Trucks

Full Inventory List of ALL Incoming Trucks

Trucks listed are in different stages of completion – if you have an interest or would like any info on any of the listed trucks, please call or text anytime at 804-716-8487!


2007 Ford F750, Cat C7, 33k GVWR, Stellar 10620 Crane, 11ft Wilcox Service Bed, Hydraulic PTO Driven Compressor, Hydraulic Outriggers, Product Tanks, Allison Automatic, 625k Miles


2017 GMC 3500HD, Crew Cab, 9ft Service Body, 101k Miles, Duramax Diesel, Allison Automatic, 4×4


2014 Ford F-550, Seyller 11ft Service Bed, 4×4, Powerstroke 6.7 Diesel, Manual Outriggers, PTO Driven 6406H Autocrane, 213k Miles


2006 GMC C5500, Duramax Diesel, Allison Auto, 25,9 GVWR, Summit 11ft Bed, Summit 6620 Crane, IR Hydraulic PTO Driven Compressor, Hydraulic Outriggers, 4×4, 235k Miles


2013 Ford F750, Cummins 6.7, Manual, 33k GVWR, IMT 2820 Crane, Hydraulic Outriggers, Hydraulic Tool Circuit, Full Crew Cab, 11ft Service Body, 46k Miles


2006 Sterling M5500, Summit 11ft Service Bed, Summit 10k Crane, Manual, 33k GVWR, 137k Miles, Cat C7


2012 Ford F-550, 6.7 Powerstroke, 4×4, Tall Knapheide Bins, Mi-T-M Compressor/Welder/Generator, EC3200 Crane, 199k Miles, Product Tanks, CTech Drawers


2011 Ford F-350 Enclosed Service Body, 4×4, Gas 6.2 Engine, 161k Miles, Extended Cab


2011 Ford F-750, 11ft TMax Service Bed, Stellar 10620 Crane, Lincoln Welder, Hydraulic PTO Driven Compressor, Hydraulic Outriggers, 33k GVWR, 61k Miles


2014 Ford F-550, Extended Cab, 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel, 4×4, 9ft Knapheide Service Bed, Autocrane 6006EH, 150k Miles


2010 International 7600, Full Crew Cab, 11ft Flatbed/Service Bed, IMT 8600# Knuckle Side Mount Crane, Maxxforce DT, 147k Miles, 33k GVWR


2013 Ford F-450 V10, 4×4, 9ft Knapheide Service Bed, Autocrane 4004EH Crane, 170k Miles


2011 F-550, V10, Extended Cab, 4×4, 111k Miles, 11ft Utility Service Body


2012 Ford F-550, 6.7 Powerstroke, 4×4, Knapheide Tall Style Bed, EC3200 Crane, Mi-T-M Welder/Compressor/Generator, Product Tanks, CTech Drawers, 264k Miles


2007 Ford F-550, 6.0 Powerstroke, 11ft Knapheide Bed, Autocrane 3203EH, 2WD, 84k Miles


2012 Ford F-550, 4×4 Powerstroke 6.7 Diesel, Knapheide Tall Style Bed, CTech Drawers, Product Tanks, EC3200 Crane, Mi-T-M Welder/Compressor/Generator, 204k Miles


2017 Ford F-450, Enclosed Service Body, 4×4, 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel, 166k Miles, Full Crew Cab


2013 International 4400, 14ft Adkins Built Autocrane Bed, 6406H Autocrane, Drawers, Hydraulic PTO Driven Compressor and Hydraulic Outriggers, Maxxforce DT, 199k Miles, Auto, 33k GVWR


2015 KW 26ft Box Truck, Cummins 6.7, Auto, 33k GVWR, Air Brakes, 373k Miles


2014 Ford F-450, Regular Cab, Enclosed Service Body, 123k Miles, 2WD, 9ft Enclosed Service Bed, 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel.