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Truck World RVA:
Richmond’s Truck-Only Headquarters

If you’re looking for a truck, you’ve come to the right place! We specialize in heavy duty 3/4 ton and 1 ton, diesels, 4×4’s, and contractor/landscaper vehicles. All we sell are heavy duty trucks – if we don’t have it today, we can find it for you! Our trucks are hand-picked and sourced mostly from Texas and other rust-free southern states. We spend four times the industry average reconditioning our trucks to offer you the highest value product for your money.



We Hand Select the Best Inventory in the Nation

We know that there are plenty of dealers to choose from! And in the internet age, most car buyers spend 90% of their time researching online before even walking into a dealership. Here are some important details about who we are, what we do, and why we are truly different. In an age where every dealership claims to be different, most are not! Below is what makes Truck World RVA radically different from any other dealership experience you have had before.

  • We Are Family Owned and Local
  • No Salesman, no Finance Managers. Just me (Taylor) and my dad (Curtis).
  • We Handpick our inventory, and only start with the absolute best trucks. We start with quality so we can sell quality, and keep your business.
  • We bring our trucks way past State Inspection Standards – Spending an average of $2,000 on mechanical reconditioning per vehicle (industry average is $556).
  • We stand by our product with a 30 Day Warranty included on every truck.
  • We offer the best extended service plans available, and flexible coverage to fit any budget and driving style.
  • Quick and simple sales process. No upsells or delays.
  • We have our vehicles professionally clayed, waxed, and detailed. They don’t just look wet and shiny for a week – we make sure it’s easy to keep your truck clean for the months to come.
  • We Never Mark up your interest rate. We are a dealer, not a bank. We never make a profit off of your financing – that’s just not right. We use our relationship with local credit unions to get you the absolute best rate possible.

We Hand Select the Best Inventory in the Nation

Our lot is small. With only 25 spaces, we have to be extremely selective with what we buy. This is a good thing! I spend hours every single day finding the absolute highest quality trucks available. We know our inventory intimately, and give every vehicle the individual attention it deserves.

We Believe State Safety Inspections are the Bare Minimum

We don’t just stop at passing the safety inspections. All of our vehicle are gone through thoroughly by a third-party mechanic. We put four times the industry average into recoditiong our trucks! We put our reputation on the line with every single vehicle we sell. That means completing any wear and tear maintenance – even if it’s not required. We want you to drive worry free, which is why we stand by our vehicles with a 30 day warranty!

We Back our Product

On every single vehicle we sell, we offer a 30 Day Warranty at no additional cost to you. We just think it’s the right thing to do. We believe in our product, so we back our product.

We Offer Long-Term Protection

“Warranty” doesn’t have to be a dirty word! I’ve been in the business long enough to know, most warranties suck! That’s why we did the legwork, and partnered with the best warranty company in America. We are excited to offer you exceptional coverage at an unbeatable price! It’s just another way we give you long-term peace of mind when you buy from us.

Killer Contract Services

Not only do we offer a free 90-day mechanical guarantee on every vehicle we sell, but we also offer the absolute best service contracts around. No matter the age or miles, we give you the ability to protect your purchase on every car we sell.