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Can I take a truck overnight?

We do not allow overnights on our inventory. We are more than happy to help facilitate an extended test drive for you to show your significant other or swing by your mechanic. Due to liability reasons, we can never allow a vehicle to be off our lot overnight.

Will you hold a truck for me?

We try and operate in as fair a manner as possible – this means that we have to uphold a first come first served policy. There are no exceptions.

Can I take a truck to my mechanic?

YES! We encourage you to have your prospective vehicle thoroughly inspected by your trusted professional. We are happy to accommodate an extended test drive so that you can have time to take it to your mechanic.

Why are your prices not negotiable?

We believe that no one should have to wonder what the best deal is – so we post our lowest price up front. Our prices will not always be the cheapest, but we invest significantly more time and money into our trucks. We spend $2,000 on average in mechanical reconditioning alone per unit. The national industry average for total reconditioning is $556. We also hand select our inventory from Texas and other rust free states, incurring high transportation cost. Due to the quality of our product, we cannot compete on price alone, and thus are firm on our prices.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes we do! We offer the most money for ¾ ton and 1 ton 4×4 trucks, as that is our bread and butter. We will accept other cars, trucks, or SUVs on trade.

Will you buy my truck?

If you have a ¾ ton or 1 ton 4×4 truck, we would love to make you an offer to buy it outright, even if you’re not interested in buying a truck from us.

Do you offer in-house financing?

Unfortunately we do not offer in-house financing at this time.