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Credit Application Process

Applying for credit can seem like a daunting task for some, but we’re here to assist you in the process and help you get the absolute best rate possible. If you already have your own bank or credit union – no problem! We will work with any bank or credit union!

Before you start, remember that we never mark up your interest rate. Our goal is to help you get the best financing possible, which means we never make a profit off your financing. Our incentive is truly to help you find the right loan!

Our process is simple. We are not the bank and do not offer in-house financing, but we have partnered with the best local Richmond banks and can help you get approved. The process is not immediate, but we do make it extremely simple.

Call us or visit us in person to fill out a simple credit application form. We’ll take it from there! Based on your credit history, income, and type of loan requested, we will send it to the right lender for you. We will follow up with the bank, and fight for the best approval possible.

Once approved, you will sign the loan documents at the branch, and they will give you a loan check. We do not take loan payments – you can set up auto pay with the Credit Union or bank, or ACH the money to your loan account with them.

With the check in hand, you can come over to sign final paperwork for the vehicle! Which, by the way, is stupid simple. Just watch the video here. We’ll prepare your paperwork so you won’t have to wait! We promise to have you in and out in ten minutes.