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Why Choose Us

Why does going to buy a vehicle always have to suck? Why can’t a purchase this big, this exciting, actually be a fun experience?

We aim to be different than most dealers. We’re a father and son, passionate about trucks, the outdoors, and providing great quality vehicles to Richmonders at an affordable price.

We’re small, and that’s a good thing. When you buy a vehicle from us, you are buying a vehicle from the owners of the business. We are invested locally in the community, and in the long-term viability of our dealership. This means that we take care of every customer like they are family – because we want you to come to us for life!

Our process starts before we even buy our trucks. We hand select from the beginning only the absolute best vehicles out there. We choose vehicles with great service records, ownership history, and free from any mechanical or major cosmetic issues. We source clean vehicles, because we know that vehicles that have been taken care of by their first owner will last much longer for their next owner.

After we get the vehicles to our lot, we have them thoroughly inspected by reputable, third-party mechanics. This way, we get an unbiased and fair diagnostic of the vehicle from our partners, and we make any necessary repairs before offering them for sale.

We stand by every vehicle we sell with a free 30 day limited guarantee, that covers most of the major mechanical aspects of your purchase. On top of this, we are proud to offer what we believe is the absolute best vehicle warranty in the nation. Every vehicle we sell has the option to purchase a —— warranty at a great cost.

Our financing partners are just like us – small, local, and customer service driven. We have partnered with the best credit unions in the area to ensure that you get the lowest rate possible.